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Thanks for dropping by and taking an interest in what we are all about. As the name makes clear, what we’ are all about is making sure Port Hope Council does not disband The Port Hope Police Service.  Please have a look around and feel free to comment. Your input is valued here and by that we mean all input.

 The Committee to keep Port Hope's Police





PUBLISHED AUGUST 27th, 2012 - Northumberland Today
by Joyce Cassin

There's been a lot of action in the Municipality of Port Hope, and it all appears to revolve around the policing issue. Next week, just prior to the Tuesday night, Sept. 4 Committee of the Whole meeting, supporters of the Port Hope Police Service will march down Walton Street and rally in behind Town Hall.

“The rally is to show public support before the first Council meeting since the Port Hope Police Board presented its new plan costing $1.8 million less than the OPP over 10 years,” Avril Ewing, chair of the Committee to Keep Port Hope’s Police, stated in a press release.

She said in an interview on Monday that she believes the people of Port Hope really need a place and time to get together to voice their concerns where Council can see them… and hear them should they opt to take the microphone.

“Supporters are asked to gather at The Commons on Little Hope Street before 6 p.m., march past the police station, and continue to Memorial Park,” Ewing said.

She said that there will be several speakers there who will outline the value the PHPS adds to the community.

“We are asking anyone who can't manage the walk to go to the park and listen while we are marching,” she said.

The rally will end at 7 p.m. when Committee vice-chair Avril Ewing will make a presentation to Council on behalf of the Committee.





Good evening Mayor and Council, citizens of Port Hope.

My name is Avril Ewing and I am the chair of the Committee to Keep Port Hope’s Police

One week from tonight you, our elected representatives will be called upon to ratify or to reject Option 4 - an option that would forever change the way Port Hope is policed. This comes after the sixth study of policing in Port Hope.   We urge you all to vote against Option 4 - and show you believe maintaining the Port Hope Police Service is the best option for our town

The list of towns, large and small, in Ontario that now regrets switching to the O.P.P. grows longer every day. The Mayor’s Coalition for Affordable, Sustainable, and Accountable Policing started out with some 27 members. It has now grown to over seventy - all with the same goal - to prevail upon the Province of Ontario to control the ever-growing costs of O.P.P. policing. Many of the mayors of those municipalities have told us in personal and public messages that switching to the O.P.P. has been a financial mistake they wish they’d never made. They speak of loss of control, inability to negotiate, lengthy response times and spiralling costs. Some, like Cochrane and St. Mary’s have actually gone public in news media using the word ‘bankrupt’ to describe their experiences with the O.P.P.  With the OPP contract set as the highest paid police force in the province as of 2014, and the OPP undergoing policy change with respect to their cost recovery, one has to ask “What’s the rush?”  We don’t want the Municipality of Port Hope to have to become another member of the Mayor’s Coalition for Affordable Policing

Abolishing the Port Hope Police Service and negotiating the real contract costs after the fact is a flawed process.  Do you, the mayor and council of Port Hope want to someday find yourselves - or whoever follows you into this Chamber – forced to sign an expensive OPP contract because there is no Port Hope Police Service to go back to?  Do you want to find the word ‘bankrupt’ creeping into how you describe Port Hope? The Committee to Keep Port Hope’s Police certainly does not want that to happen, nor do the people of Port Hope.

The aim of The Committee to Keep Port Hope’s Police is self evident. We want policing here to be carried out by the Port Hope Police Service. Our Committee is small - 19 members - but support for our goal has been huge. Whether you choose to listen to a 19 member committee is far less important than whether or not you choose to listen to the people of Port Hope. 

There was no referendum on Policing in Port Hope, but you, our Council…have been given one.  Our Committee has distributed THOUSANDS of signs to citizens of both Ward 1 and Ward 2 in the last month and the people who will put a sign on their lawn are the same people who will go out and vote!  Out there on the lawns, in the windows, and storefronts is the referendum you wouldn’t hold.  The people of the Municipality of Port Hope are telling you as loudly and clearly as they possibly can that they do not want to lose their local police force.  For their tax dollars, they want the service delivery that the Port Hope Police provides.  Council owes it to the electorate to include benefits with costs to calculate the value of our local police service.  This will ensure that the very best decision is being made, not just in the short term, but for the future of the Municipality of Port Hope.  This is our legacy.

On behalf of the Committee to Keep Port Hope’s Police and the people of Port Hope, I thank you for your time and leave you with one simple request…

…Put the Hope back in Port Hope…please…say “NO” to Option 4.

Thank you.


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